Chocolate Cake  $5.95
Layers of rich chocolate cake topped with sweet chocolate fudge icing.

Italian Wedding Cake $5.95
Rich white cake full of coconut, pecans & hint of cinnamon, frosted with a buttery cream cheese icing & coconut shavings.

Cannoli  $3.95
Tubular pastry shell, stuffed with sweetened filling of whipped ricotta & bits of chocolate.

Tiramisu  $4.95
Ladyfingers soaked in coffee liqueur, espresso & rum, layered with a sweet rich mascarpone
cheese & topped with grated cocoa.

Limoncello Cake  $5.95
Layers of Limoncello mascarpone cream & vanilla cake with white chocolate shavings.

Red Velvet Cake  $5.95
Smooth chocolate & cocoa flavored red cake with a rich cream cheese icing.